I Love Lucy Too…But

She isn’t your son’s role model for a wife.

I was telling my son that his mother is the role model for a great wife. She’s honorable, kind, speaks well of others and doesn’t gossip. After Sandra basked in the praise for a glorious moment, she reminded Will of an episode of I Love Lucy in which Lucy was gossiping about someone.

Will loves Lucy.

So I stepped in as any good father should and told him that he can love Lucy, but she isn’t his role model for a wife. Don’t hate me if you love Lucy, too. You know I’m right.

Lucy lies, cheats, connives and manipulates. She is self-absorbed, egocentric and deceptive. Apparently she’s a gossip, too. I missed that episode. Do you want your son to marry a woman with these qualities? Of course not.

She may have him laughing some, but most of the time he would be like, “Ai-yai-yai-yai-yai.”


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