Keep At It

On Friday morning after Thanksgiving, still hurting and bulging from the holiday binge eating, I asked Google to find me … More

Only If

Only if: My kicker hadn’t missed the extra point attempt. Jimmy Graham had at least one point instead of -.10. … More

Hit the Mute Button

Golfing is a life skill. You can use it your whole life in personal and business pursuits. I imagine that … More

Take Possession 

Deuteronomy is repetitive with God’s promises to the wilderness wandering Israelites. If they would obey His commands then He would … More

The Enemy Within

In the book of Numbers chapters 24 and 25 there’s a poignant story of a pagan king named Balak who … More

Talking To God 

Do you pray? The Bible says we’re to pray without ceasing. This implies that we should be talking to God … More

God’s Welfare Plan

God’s ways are always the best ways. Leviticus 19:9-10 says, 9 “When you harvest the crops of your land, do … More


There are life tangibles. Set in stone. Your height, your intelligence, your mama and dad, these are things you can’t … More

Not Off the Hook

As I read through the Old Testament I become grateful that Jesus came so that we live by grace now … More

Slaying Thoughts

I have a tendency to slay thoughts instead of holding every thought obedient to Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). Someone … More

The Blind Squirrels 

We lost the first game in our end of the season little league double header and really, we weren’t surprised. … More


Nothing I’m about to say has been fact-checked and verified. But I think I’m right. For some reason today I … More

27 Minutes 

So, counting the ways I’ve tried to control my weight over the past 10 years: Adkins diet Myfitnesspal app P90X … More