Cowboys and Outlaws

  Sandra and I walked into the Longhorn Steakhouse last Friday night and I commented that I wasn’t really hungry, … More

No Longer Slaves

I recently wrote about albums that have marked me. Every now and then one song will speak directly into my … More

Take Possession 

Deuteronomy is repetitive with God’s promises to the wilderness wandering Israelites. If they would obey His commands then He would … More

Time Flies

A friend today congratulated me on my 25th wedding anniversary. He has known me all of those years and more … More

My Dad

The following are the words I spoke at my Dad’s funeral last Saturday.  I struggled whether or not to post … More

Broken, But Valuable 

I had one of those proud moments yesterday that fathers often enjoy. Will and I were repairing a couple of … More


There are life tangibles. Set in stone. Your height, your intelligence, your mama and dad, these are things you can’t … More

The Blind Squirrels 

We lost the first game in our end of the season little league double header and really, we weren’t surprised. … More


It’s Easter Sunday and I am surely thankful for the Resurrection. But I’m thinking about Saturday. It takes a lot … More


Poor Toby can’t get any rest when I’m home. He’s the one on the left. I feel sorry for the … More


I’m learning a lot about relationship building from Toby. We may never be best friends, but I’m committed to our … More