The Blame Game

When things don’t go our way we often blame someone or something, but does the blame game get us any … More

Enjoying the Mundane

“Dad, if you don’t stop looking at your menu, the waitress will never come over to take our order.” Will … More


This was my maiden voyage on the new kayak that Sandra and the kids bought me for my birthday. I … More

The Best Seed

I don’t plant things. Especially if these things have to start as a seed or bulb. That’s why we have … More

Following Jesus

Jesus was having His last supper with the disciples. He knew that in the next few hours He would be … More

The Devil Believes in God

Other than John the Baptist, who was the first person to recognize Jesus as the “Holy One of God”? Interestingly … More

Happy 26

I want to say happy 26th anniversary to my noble and wonderful wife Sandra Brady. 26 years is a long … More

God is…

In my own words as I’ve experienced Him: A fair and worthy King to honor. A divine Healer. A trustworthy … More


I saw a new Honda Pilot this morning. I’ve always been a fan of their boxy design. The new ones … More

The Big Screen

It’s late. I’m probably a bit loopy. But I’m laid back in my recliner reading on my Kindle app and … More