What Nehemiah Taught Me

I’m reading Tony Dungy’s Quiet Strength and he mentioned valuable leadership lessons he learned from the book of Nehemiah. I … More

Two Kinds of People

We’ve all heard that there are 2 kinds of people. There’s lots of different types of 2 kinds and I … More


I can walk out of my house on a Fall Saturday morning and see a yard full of fallen leaves … More

Good Deeds

Someone said that a good deed never goes unpunished. An exclusive term like “never” may be too strong, but it’s … More

Less Horrible

Will and I were playing bocci ball. We don’t know the real rules so we say that if my closest … More


So as the day dawns on the 9th anniversary of my 40th birthday, I reflect on how God has blessed … More

Turn It Off

It was epic. I did an amazing thing today. Something that I bet many people don’t do anymore. I wanted … More

A Family Flash Mob 

I love fire.  Even the single flame of a candle works for me. Just ask my daughters because I keep … More

But We Should 

It was after work and I was doing one of my favorite things. Nothing. Just kicked back in the recliner.  … More

Start To Be Great

I mentioned in a previous post that Will and I started a jogging routine and we got off to a slow … More

I’d Like To Thank…

For my recent major achievement I’d like to thank a few people. First, Arthur for his expert and precise diagnosis. … More

Plan B

Will’s 10th birthday party is today. He woke up this morning looked outside at the rain and mentioned halfheartedly that … More

Let’s Do Lunch

   This was the Bible app’s verse of the day yesterday. We’ve all seen it or heard it a million … More