The Devil Believes in God

Other than John the Baptist, who was the first person to recognize Jesus as the “Holy One of God”? Interestingly … More

Happy 26

I want to say happy 26th anniversary to my noble and wonderful wife Sandra Brady. 26 years is a long … More

God is…

In my own words as I’ve experienced Him: A fair and worthy King to honor. A divine Healer. A trustworthy … More


I saw a new Honda Pilot this morning. I’ve always been a fan of their boxy design. The new ones … More

The Big Screen

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Pathways and Rivers

Happy New Year! The Bible app’s verse of the day is a good one for the first day of 2018. … More

White Elephant

There are no friends in the White Elephant game. No random acts of kindness. It’s hand to the back meet … More

What Nehemiah Taught Me

I’m reading Tony Dungy’s Quiet Strength and he mentioned valuable leadership lessons he learned from the book of Nehemiah. I … More

Two Kinds of People

We’ve all heard that there are 2 kinds of people. There’s lots of different types of 2 kinds and I … More


I can walk out of my house on a Fall Saturday morning and see a yard full of fallen leaves … More